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​Do you struggle with bloated email, multiple versions of documents, manual or duplicate business processes? Are you spread across multiple regions and find it hard to collaborate remotely with your coworkers?

​​Would you like to be able to mine your data for business insights or to better understand your customer's needs? Are you unsure of what parts of your business are profitable and how well a division is performing?

​​Or maybe you've made the investment in a collaboration or analytics technology solution, but it's not delivering the expected value.



We are Microsoft partners with over 20 years of experience with SharePoint and Office 365 technologies and collaboration/knowledge management techniques, and over 40 years of data warehouse, data mining, integration, and analytics experience.

Our passion is to help SMBs leverage cloud services to compete better with the enterprise players. A cloud strategy is affordable for all company sizes and now gives you access to services and applications that only large corporations with a big IT budget could access. We know most SMBs don't have the budget or expertise to figure out what is the best strategy for them or hire a full time IT person to manage it all. We can analyze your business, make recommendations, and help you get there for minimal investment. We have specialties in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, SharePoint, Workflow, Knowledge Management, Social Collaboration (Yammer) and Document Management.


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